Regulatory requirements.


In case of Emergency at the Telšiai gas filling station (GFS), residents and those working in the vicinity of the enterprises and institutions are advised to be aware of the following:

In case of Emergency at the Telšiai gas filling station (GFS), accidents, fires, explosions, gas leaks may occur (due to technical, natural, environmental, or social reasons). In the event of a threat to people’s health, a civil defense signal is activated – an electric alarm horn, which can be heard at a distance of up to one kilometer. Warning and information system is available informing the population through the means of notification such as radio, telephone, television, means of special transport services, and verbal messages to stop the work activities of people. Announcements to residents in the event of an emergency are performed by the personnel of the Telšiai GFS, including the alarm horn, telephone, couriers.

In case of signs of fire or explosion: you must call 112, or if you smell gas, call the Telšiai gas filling station at 844475081 or 865511397. Once you know the cause of a gas leak, it is essential for persons on the windward side of the leak to evacuate to a safer location, get out of the high gas content area as soon as possible perpendicular to the wind direction, and avoid low land. Protective clothing like a coat, hat, boots, gloves is essential. You should never hide in excavations, trenches, or cellars because gas vapor, which is twice as heavy as air, can accumulate there.

If there is a high level of gas in the air, there will be an announcement of evacuation.

Please note that the Telšiai GFS strictly complies with accident prevention regulations and the internal security requirements of works at the facility.